Ms RDUS 2016

This Thursday, August 18th, will be the Ms RDUS pageant finals.  It is my 5th year as a patron of the event, and I must say that I enjoy it more each year.

Many people think it is about beauty and appearance, and to some degree they are correct.  The outward form is an important determinant of who might win.  As a plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery in the Hispanic community, why would I not want to celebrate latin beauty?

The best part of the event to me is meeting these young women.  Some are firmly American and were born in the US, barely speaking Spanish.  Others have not been here long, and for them, English is a struggle.  What binds them together is pride in being of Dominican heritage.

Dominican pride, to me, is not about wearing the flag in a parade or a bumper sticker.  It is about remembering where you come from historically, and taking those values and being successful in whatever field you choose.

It is okay to also be proud to be American, as this country offers so much to all who come.  You do not have to hide who you are or where you are from.  Make it so when people find out you are Dominican, they immediately feel positively about you.

That is why I am proud to know these women and support the event.  Ed Payano does an amazing job of organizing the pageant.  Support your community by not only coming to the event, but by being proud and setting a good example for the whole younger generation.