No Hassle, No Haggle Pricing

When I began private practice nearly 20 years ago, I had to somehow come up with fees for my services.  There was no guidebook or resource online to see what to charge.  I decided to have a set fee for each procedure that was nonnegotiable. This was very unusual at the time.

My professors all tried to figure out how wealthy a patient was by observing the way they dressed, what type of car they drove, and asked about travel and vacation spots.  Based on that info, they adjusted to the proper level.  This made me uncomfortable.

It is my belief that one should place a specific value based on the work to be done regardless of income.  The other point to consider is that every patient is different physically, and the fee for a liposuction on someone who weighs 90 lbs is certainly different from one who weighs 200 lbs.  This is due to the increased amount of time needed.

If you come to Yager Esthetics, you are treated the same if you are an international megastar or the local school lunch lady.  That is not only with regard to the price, but to the service and respect you will receive.

No Hassle, No Haggle in plastic surgery.  I have been doing it for 20 years, has your plastic surgeon?