Nurse Injectors in Plastic Surgery

Finishing up my 18th year as founder of Yager Esthetics, I have now had over 40,000 people make appointments to see me.  Granted, not all of them have ultimately come to see me, but a tremendous majority has.

In 1997, when the office opened, I had one employee to answer phones and give fees to patients.  On surgery days, I hired a nurse to assist, and I saw every single patient at every visit, be it for skin care, injectables, or surgery.  I changed every dressing, removed each stitch, and found it very rewarding.

As I have gotten busier, more employees have been brought on, including full time nurses.  They have been very valuable in assisting with patient care, and providing more flexibility for patients to be seen.  This has enabled me to do more surgeries without requiring me to be here 24/7.

Three years ago, I hired a Nurse Injector, specially trained and certified to do Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, and all manner of wrinkle remedies.  They have expert eyes in esthetics, and do amazing work.  I have another Nurse Injector now, who also does sclerotherapy for spider veins.

For me, as a Plastic Surgeon, injectables are fun.  They add another dimension to the practice that does not involve surgery or a time off of work.  Having my Nurse Injector available even when I am in surgery lets the patients of Yager Esthetics come from as early as 7 am until nearly 7 pm some evenings to get their treatment when it is most convenient.  I have to admit, the results are every bit as good as my own, but don’t tell my nurse I said so.