Operating on my Employees

At Yager Esthetics, I have over 20 employees, all of whom are women. Like any group of women, some are interested in beauty and appearance. Many of my staff have taken advantage of the products and services we offer for skin care, veins, hair removal, and injectables. A few of them want something more which can only be achieved by surgery.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been doing only cosmetic surgery for the last 17 years in private practice, I am certainly an option. I am honored when someone who works with me selects me as their surgeon, as it means that they respect my work and how I treat patients. If it is not awkward for them, I do not mind operating on my employees.

The staff understand that they will be treated the same, and go through exactly the same steps and process as every other patient I treat. There are no short cuts, and they are expected to follow the same instructions, down to post op appointments on a scheduled basis.

If my employee is not a good candidate for a procedure, or needs to lose weight, the same rules apply as to any new patient. Nothing “extra” or “special” is done for my staff that is not done for everyone seeking surgery. ALL of my patients are important to me, and I only have one level of care- my best.