Operating Room Music 2016

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of music in general. All different styles and languages and time periods, as long as it is well done.  I have even put out an album with my band, Used Karmas, in 2015 which is available on Spotify as well as for listening or purchase at www.usedkarmas.com.  So it should come as no surprise that I like to listen to music while I operate.

Since I am in the OR around 20 hours each week, I can listen to 25 albums or more every week.  How can I possibly fulfill that craving?  While I could always use Pandora or another streaming service, or stick to digital such as itunes, I actually bring in cd’s for each day.  I must have over 2000 by now, I am not ashamed to admit.

I started listening last year in alphabetical order, to insure an interesting mix of genres, and it has certainly been just that.  As I am up to the M’s, I went from MC Solaar, a French rapper from the eighties, to The Meat Puppets, to the rocker Meat Loaf of the seventies, to Heavy Metal Megadeath, and then Alt Rock Mekons, and Mercury Rev, finishing my day with Metallica.

I had only one Surgery professor who did not listen to music in the OR when I was at Columbia Presbyterian.  He said that if you could hear the music, you weren’t really operating.  I think that is why he was not well liked.

Coming in to an operating room can be intimidating and scary.  To have music playing makes the experience a little more human and relatable.  If you are scheduled for surgery at Yager Esthetics, feel free to bring your own cd’s or itunes music.  I am always happy to play what you like.