Operating Room Music

Like most Plastic Surgeons, I listen to music in the operating room.  I like to have music playing when patients enter my OR, as it relaxes them.  I try to play something that they request or I feel they will find comforting, so I have a wide variety of musical styles at hand.

After surgery is underway, I listen to music that compliments my mood, the staff, and anesthesiologist, as music seems to bring out the best in everyone.  The creativity of the music also can bring out my own artistic tendencies, sometimes leading to new and improved techniques.

For facelifts, eyelids, and nose surgery, I like soft alternative rock, like Andrew Bird, Death Cab For Cutie, Guster, and The Bird and the Bee.  It is soft without being tedious, and has a lot of originality.

For breast surgery, I love latin music.  It is passionate and inspiring when I am thinking of curves.  Lila Downs, Maria Rita, Gloria Estefan, Maná, and Jarabe de Palo are a few of my go to CD’s.

For Tummy Tucks and liposuction, I usually go for more up tempo tracks to keep my energy level high.  My tastes are more varied, but among my favorites are Ozomatli, Los Lonely Boys, Neutral Milk Hotel and Weezer.

I recommend music at work as well, and my office always has Spanish pop going.  Music is the key that unlocks my inspiration, and I know my patients agree.