Parent, Partner, or Employee

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, it is my job to educate and evaluate each patient, but I have found that there are different styles of doctor patient relationships, some healthy and some not.

Many patients want the Plastic Surgeon to be a parental figure, someone who will essentially decide for them the best thing to do.  “You’re the doctor, you know what’s best for me” is what they will usually say.  This is the type of scenario that is a set up for disappointment.

I do not know what image you have in your mind until you tell me.  I know what I would do if I were you, but that does not mean you may not want something a little different if it is within the boundaries of good taste.  It is a range, not one ideal.

Some patients think I am an employee, hired to do whatever they want.  Also not ok.  You are not buying a handbag or shoes, you are undergoing a medical or surgical procedure, and there are limits to what can be done, as well as what SHOULD be done.  You are paying me not to be just a technician, but also a physician with a great deal of experience.  My advice comes at no additional charge.

I like to think of myself as your partner in this endeavor.  I educate, answer your questions, and let you make all the decisions, with the caveat that if you stray beyond the borders of safety and good taste, I will rein you in.

Make your Plastic Surgeon your partner.  Share the decision making and be invested in the outcome.  Two heads are better than one.