Physician, Magician, or Beautician?

People, especially in this age of Social Media, expect a lot out of Plastic Surgery and cosmetic treatments.  Reality television shows a world in which everyone is perfect looking, or has someone fix it if it is not.  That sets a standard that is nearly impossible to meet.

Some people think Plastic Surgeons are Beauticians.  You tell them what you want, and they do what you ask.  They will switch it around countless times until you are happy.  This is dangerous, as although we are partners with our patients, we are not equal partners.  I (hopefully) have more experience and training in the field, and can use my knowledge to help steer you away from foolish choices.

Others think we are Magicians.  They do not care about the before pictures.  They want a miracle,  don’t care what is involved, and do not understand the limitations that they each bring to the table.  The after picture depends entirely on what we are working with.

Plastic Surgeons are actually physicians first. We take an oath to first do no harm, and consider your well being.  If we are talented, and you are willing, we can work together to make you the best version you can be safely, and understanding the risks.

Before you consider Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, really think about your expectations and the role your Plastic Surgeon plays.