Picking a Size for your Breast Implants

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in NYC, I do a tremendous number of breast implant surgeries.  I order 50 implants at a time, and put in hundreds every year.  I take pride in trying to select the perfect size and shape to produce a natural and balanced result.  There is an art to it, and I want to give my future patients a few types on how to decide.

Do not pick an implant size and style because you like the way a picture on a doctor’s website looks and that is the implant he/she used. Every woman’s body is a little different in width, height and bone structure.  The same size implant will look very different in a taller or narrower frame.  Also, the amount of breast tissue and the shape and symmetry of your breasts before surgery play an important role in the final result.

Do not say that you want a B or a C, as this is very inaccurate.  If you tried 10 different c cup bras from different manufacturers, each would fit differently.  Cup size is not an exact measure, it is a difference in circumference from your chest wall to the measure around the center of the breast.

Do not tell me your sister had the surgery, and she had 375cc and you want the same.  Your sister may have a very different body shape or breast shape, unless she is your identical TWIN.

So, what should you do?  Seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, make sure he/she does at least 100 augmentations each year, and that you feel comfortable with him/her.  Have them show you women with similar heights and breast tissue amounts to you, and tell them which after picture looks good to you.  Say to them if you want a little more or less, if you like fullness at the top or a more natural slope, and be specific.  You can also bring photos of what you like and don’t like as a guide.  An experienced surgeon can then look at you and select the perfect size and shape.

To me, bra size doesn’t matter, it is the way your breasts look to you when you look in the mirror. If you are pleased, forget about what the tag in your bra says and enjoy.