Planning Surgery before a Wedding? Things to Consider

When a woman is getting married, she wants to look her best. It is a magical day filled with fairytale dresses and many, many photographs. Diets almost always are begun, and the bride begins to obsess over how she will look. Sometimes, a plastic surgeon is consulted.

When someone is getting married, it is important to consider how much time we have before the big day to plan for recovery to the point of being photo ready. Things like liposuction require little time off from work, but take a while for swelling to disappear. If it is arms or a back or neck, you want to make sure you can have massage after, and 3 months ahead is a good time frame.

For breast surgery, you will look fine for photos in a month, but if the honeymoon requires lifting or force with the upper body, 3 months is safer. For a tummy tuck, at least 2 months is a good guideline. Face or eyelid or nasal surgery are trickier. This is a very photoed site. I recommend 3 months at least.
Things like botox or fillers or peels are usually good to do about 6 weeks prior in case of any bruising or if touchups are needed. You do not want to have any additional stress on your wedding day.

So if plastic surgery needs to come before your wedding, or someone close to you is getting married and you want to look your best, plan early to see your plastic surgeon as scheduling often takes a while as well. Good luck!