Plastic Surgery Commercials on Radio and Television

There are more and more advertisements for plastic surgery on television and the radio. As with any commercial, the effectiveness comes from hearing it over and over, and from the feeling of the listener or viewer that if it is on tv or the radio, it must be good. These are dangerous assumptions.

I have advertised on the television and radio in the past to attempt to let more patients know about Yager Esthetics. You can see my commercial on youtube if you look. It worked pretty well, and my approach was to just let actual patients talk about their experience with my office. It was tasteful, and I feel good about it. So why did I stop after a few months?

For the most part, the other commercials I saw and heard were from less than professional offices. Many were misleading as to the qualifications of the doctors, and some were unethical. I did not want to be associated with that group of doctors. Advertising is a paid attempt to sell goods or services, and is not truly regulated. Many are not Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery- some are Facial Plastic Surgeons (ENT) with no formal training in surgery of the breast and body, others Board Certified Surgeons ( some Ob Gyn) who fancy themselves qualified.

Being a recognized expert in plastic surgery for the Hispanic community, I am interviewed a lot on television and in magazines and newspapers (see the clips on our homepage). I am answering the questions of the public, and commenting on stories of the day. It is educational for the audience, and not trying to sell anything. I would prefer that people enjoy their time watching television to relax, not to feel like they have to obtain a service to be a better person. Thankfully, the cable tv statistics for 2020 seem to back up this mindset, as people want the best way to watch their favorite content, not to find their favorite plastic surgeon.

I am flattered every time someone takes their time to visit me at Yager Esthetics, and honored when they choose me to perform their procedures. I feel good knowing that they are here for me, I have used no slick or misleading words to fool anyone as to my training, and that I have earned the trust of my community to be the choice for so many women and men.