Pope Francis in New York

Last week, Pope Francis made his visit to New York City.  Of special interest to my practice, he is from Argentina as are many of my patients.  The great majority of my patients, being from the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and  Central and South America, are Catholic.

The meaning of a Hispanic Pope to the community is difficult to describe.  Christianity was brought to these countries centuries ago, and missionary work still continues in most.  The devotion and dedication to the church is still of major importance in virtually all of them.

To see a Latino be considered the leader of the most powerful religious group in the world instills a pride not only in the Argentinian community, but amongst all of the Spanish speaking cultures. It means that they are not just the “little people” in the giant machinery of Roman Catholicism, but equals on every level.

The perspective of the pontiff has been eye opening.  He is addressing areas long thought to be taboo, and appears to be concerned with doing the right thing despite the grumblings of the old guard to maintain the status quo. People truly love him, and he embraces all with a holiness and humility that is genuine.

To me, he is the symbol of the Hispanic in today’s world- rising in power, and ready to effect real change for the better.  Welcome to New York, Pope Francis! Come to Yager Esthetics- you heal the spirit, I have the body covered.