Like many of my patients, Hurricane Sandy knocked the power to my home for a solid week. It was surprising that it only took a week, given the devastation and the wide spread damage. I am thankful to the workers from Georgia Power and Light who drove up to help out in our area. I still do not have television, internet, or phone service, and my children did miss a full week of school.

For the first time in my over 15 years in private practice plastic surgery at Yager Esthetics, I had to cancel a day of surgery. The office had power, and was safe, but my employees and patients would have had an impossible time commuting. We moved the Tuesday cases to Thursday, and everything went off without a hitch.

It is amazing what we all take for granted each day- light, heat, gas, telephones, computers, and television. It seems that these are basic rights. This experience has sure made me think about how truly blessed we are to live in The United States. We can complain to our government, and they actually care and try to help most of the time.

So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves as we pick up the pieces, think of how truly fortunate we are to have all of the support and assistance of friends and families at this time. We will all come back to normal soon.