Recovering at Home

Most people take care in selecting the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Some even check out the operating facility. Fewer still ask about the Anesthesiologist. One of the most overlooked areas is the patients’ own home.

Outpatient, or ambulatory surgery are the norm today with regards to most cosmetic plastic surgeries. That means you go home a few hours after the procedure. How is your home set up for you?

Physically, it is important to consider if there are stairs, if you live in a building with an elevator, and where in the house you will recover. Talk about this with your surgeon before the day of surgery, as sometimes you need to stay with a friend or relative, or even in a hotel if your space is unfit.

How far do you live, and is it wiser to stay close the first night, or week, or 2 weeks for optimal recovery? Long drives can sometimes increase the risks of complications such as DVT, and if you have an emergency, it might not be safe to drive for hours to return to the clinic.

Who is in the house to help you? You often are limited in what you can do physically, and things like cooking, cleaning, and child care need to be taken care of by someone. Is there food prepared, are you alone or is someone there for emergencies?

Also, if you are around negative people, who for jealous reasons or other bad intentions, will whisper bad things in your ear, make sure to remove them from your life, at least during the healing process. You need the positivity when you are the most vulnerable.

I will make sure we do everything needed to prepare Yager Esthetics for your procedure, you need to get your own house in order!