Rocktober 2018

Every October I spend at least one blog talking about my passion for music, especially rock music. I find listening to music is inspiring while I perform cosmetic plastic surgery and have finally yielded to music server technology as opposed to individual cd’s in the operating room. Less space, but I do miss the few discs that are not easily found on the servers.

When I perform and write music, I feel invincible, as I am actually adding to the art and beauty in the world, much the same as I feel when I perform surgery. Some people are caffeine addicts, others adrenaline junkies. I am an artist in my soul, and plastic surgery allows me to express that in my area of interest, medicine and science.

I am going to multiple live concerts this month to celebrate. I like venues where you can stand up close to the stage and actually watch the individual artists work. Listening I can do in my car or home. Seeing the sweat, facial expressions, and identifying the special spontaneous moments of creative genius is what the shows are about.

I implore you to see live music at least once this month but not so you can record it and share it on social media. Leave your phone in your pocket and be in the moment, let it soak into your soul. It will change your life.