Salon Gossip about Plastic Surgery

One of the great resources for the Hispanic community to learn about plastic surgery is at the hair salon.  Spanish salons are places where women spend many hours, are interested in looking good, and share what they know. 

The peluqueras make up a fairly significant portion of my patient base, and are among my largest referral sources.  Make them look more beautiful, and all of their clients ask the secret.  But do all salons provide good and true information- unfortunately, not.

Beware of stories that start with “ I know a girl whose friend’s aunt’s cousin had a procedure done, and she looks __________.”  You are much more likely to get good information only from the patient herself.  The rest is just chisme.

Beware of women who seem angry at their doctor.  Most plastic surgeons are responsible and care about their results.  I know that if I ever have a patient at Yager Esthetics who is not 100% happy, I want them to talk to me about it, as it usually can be resolved.  When women say they will never see that person again, ask details so you can assess if it was the doctor or the patient that was at fault.

The best referrals I get are from satisfied patients, as they give a truthful and powerful testimonial without any compensation.  That is why I strive to make each patient happy, and explain the limits prior to any surgery or treatment.

Salon gossip is fun, and sometimes helpful, but be sure you know the source and ask the right questions.