Scars and Plastic Surgery

While Plastic Surgeons are specially trained in wound healing and hiding and improving scars, the bottom line is that every time you cut deep enough into the skin, a scar results.  Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts.

I have been in private practice for over 18 years now, and have done over 2000 Tummy Tucks, and every scar is different.  Same surgeon, same sutures, same technique and instructions.  What is the difference?  The patient!

There are 2 patient factors that are important- genetics and compliance.  By genetics, I mean that each person heals differently. Some skin makes keloids, some hypertrophic scars, and there is really no test you can do beforehand to know for sure.  This is just your parents’ fault. Don’t blame them, though- they couldn’t help it.

Compliance is very important.  I spend a lot of time discussing the pre and post op routine.  Things as simple as positioning when sleeping and walking, to staying away from people who smoke, and what sort of products you use on the incision line after are all quite important.  Missing follow up appointments means missing the opportunity to be evaluated for scar therapy in a timely fashion.  What might work at 3 weeks might be too late at 3 months.

Every year, I make over a thousand scars.  Experience helps me hide them and improve them.  Anyone who says cutting the skin through the dermis leaves no scar is either misinformed or misinforming you.