Second Opinions After Plastic Surgery

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with some fame in the Hispanic community, I often see patients who have had surgery in other offices and other countries.  Sometimes, it is for reassurance.  The patient thinks everything is ok, but an inability to fly to see their primary surgeon means they need a trained professional to answer their questions.  Sometimes they do not trust their surgeon, and want another set of eyes to confirm that all is well.

The more difficult situations are when there is a problem, and something needs to be done.  Complications can occur after surgery, even if the doctor did everything right.  In these cases, I try to keep an open mind and offer any advice or assistance I can.  I make sure to let the patient know that the first choice is to call and visit the operating surgeon if possible.  I have even called the primary surgeon on their behalf in front of them to make sure nothing was lost in translation.

Some patients have lost faith in their doctor, or cannot travel to see them.  I carefully explain the issues and detail risks and options, as well as estimating the cost of treatment with me at Yager Esthetics.  If they choose to enter my care, photos are taken and consent is obtained.

Dealing with unhappy patients is difficult, even if you are not the reason for the unhappiness.  They feel cheated, mistreated, and often abandoned.  I try to be supportive and understanding, and let them know someone cares.  Sometimes that is all they need.