Silicone Injections to the Buttocks are Always a Mistake

Let me first start by saying that this is my personal and professional opinion as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and it comes from both my training at Columbia Presbyterian and from my private practice in NYC, Yager Esthetics.  Although I do not know any Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who do the procedure in the US, and to my interpretation of the legal guidelines it is not FDA approved even as an off label use as this type of silicone has no approvals, I am sure it happens.

Despite the increasing number of horror stories reported in the news in both Spanish and English, I was still asked this week by a friend what I thought about her undergoing the silicone injection in a woman’s apartment for $1500 a session.  She had no idea it was illegal or unsafe.

Virtually every week, I get calls from women and men who have had silicone placed in their bodies who are having problems.  Some have open wounds and nasty infections, others have lumps, darkening of the skin, migration of the product to other body areas, redness, heat and pain.  This can happen immediately, or many years later.  In large quantities, I feel that liquid silicone is a ticking time bomb.

I have patients flying in from other countries, Florida, and states up and down the Eastern Seaboard for me to try and remove the silicone, and help them with these often life altering complications.  While I do not enjoy these procedures, I do them because they are necessary and patients do not have many places to turn as most doctors will not even try to help.

I plead with you to not inject silicone in your body.  Let us work to educate our friends and families so that no more deaths and disfigurements come from a lack of awareness.