Smart Phone Apps I Would Like For Plastic Surgery

All of my patients seem to have the iphone or some other high tech device to not only make phone calls and text and surf the web, but to utilize apps. Apps, or applications as they are known, allow the device holder to do many things. Some are gps based, helping with directions. Some are games to pass the time. Others can recognize music, or help you find cheap gas. But what can apps do for my patients?
How about an app to check if your doctor is truly a board certified plastic surgeon? ASPS, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons should hop on this, so I might see fewer patients for second opinions who did not know the training of their doctors.
Another helpful app would be a FAQ app for after surgery, where my patients could search questions about nonemergent things after surgery, such as what to do for constipation or itching. Although they are all included in the post operative instruction sheets I provide, we still get calls.
Another great app would be the supportive friend app, which would offer words of encouragement and positivity during the swollen and bruised times. So often, a jealous spouse or coworker will say mean things to a vulnerable patient during healing. This delays the healing process, and can undermine gains made in improving self esteem.
Please let me know if you have seen any apps helpful for my patients, or suggest some for me to create. Just smart phone us.