Springtime in Washington Heights

Ah, the Spring.  The weather gets warmer, and the layers of clothing start to be removed.  What does that mean for me?  Panicked patients realizing they have limited time to look better before shorts, skirts and the dreaded bathing suit must be worn. Couple this with the fact that school vacations and Easter mean time off in April, and that indicates I will be working a few extra days to keep up with the demand.

Some people get frustrated that there is a wait for consults, but they must realize that when I do more surgery, there are less slots to see patients.  I am human, and do need to sleep.  Think of it as a super restaurant where reservations must be made in advance.  If you can come in and have surgery at any time, it means that doctor is not very popular.  Usually, there is a reason for it.

I have a limit to the amount of surgery that I can do in one day, and must be certain that my staff and I are at 100% in order to deliver the highest quality of care.  To keep adding on cases to make as much money as possible without recognizing your limitations is foolish at best.

If you are patient, cancellations occur.  My advice is to take the soonest appointment and ask to be called for any cancellations.  We always try to accommodate.  Too many times I have seen patients who have been disappointed in plastic surgery done elsewhere, and they have told me that they wanted me, but didn’t want to wait.

Be safe, enjoy the Spring.  If the timing isn’t right, you can be ready for the Summer.