Start Thinking About June

I am always amazed when patients come in and expect that they can have surgery in a few days after their consult, or are shocked that the most popular vacation times are already taken.  Well regarded Plastic Surgeons are busy, and it takes proper planning to insure you get the time you need.

It is important to have your consult as early as possible, to make sure you are happy with your surgeon, that the price is affordable, and that you know how much time off of your particular work you will need, and what the recovery will be like.  Arranging childcare, maintenance of the household, vacation time for you and sometimes your spouse as well, all take time.  Even after this is sorted, your Plastic Surgeon has to have the date available.

Unfortunately, many of my teachers could not be accommodated during Spring Break, as there are only so many hours I can operate and give the best level of care.  I hate disappointing people, especially teachers, but they need to have a plan well in advance .

This is my wake up call for all of you who want to look better this Summer.  When school is out, the rush is on.  Call us if you do not want to miss June as a possibility.  I already have many of the days filled, and my next available is in June already.

Even if I am not your Plastic Surgeon, you still should plan for whomever you choose.  If he/she is a talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, space will be hard to come by.