The Super Bowl of Surgery

Every year, a billion people or so gather to witness the NFL championship game being played by tuning in to the broadcast. It goes beyond mere sport, it has become more of a shared cultural experience that transcends gender, race and religion. Even the interruptions in the action, the commercials, are met with eager anticipation.

What if there were a Super Bowl of Plastic Surgery? The best surgeons going through a season of patients, followed by the highest ranking few having a playoff until the final top 2 remained. It would be the reality show to end all others.

The commercials would be equally interesting, with many industries wanting to cash in on the beauty interested public. Make up, hair care, fashion, nutrition, exercise, as well as luxury goods would kill for the opportunity. Celebrity endorsers would be simple to find.

Imagine the technology that would be employed. Cameras from every angle, graphics on ideal angles and proportion, slo mo replay- it would be amazing. The venue would unfortunately not be large enough for a big audience.

And finally, we could have a panel of judges, enhanced by a phone in vote from the public. There can be world famous plastic surgeons as well as patients who have had a lot of plastic surgery serving to compile the scores. Imagine, the winner would actually be the patient!