Taking My Daughter to the Dentist

Like all parents, my children need to be seen by doctors and dentists. I try to stay out of there way, and do not mention I am a doctor unless they ask. I am not objective when it comes to my children, and cannot act as their healthcare provider. You should have complete faith in the Local Dentist of your child. After all, you did choose them! If you are not convinced of your dentist’s capabilities, then it is time to find a new one. You may like to visit https://www.durhamdental.net/ to see what they could offer you.

One of my children had dental issues requiring a procedure. All of my children have very good oral health, as we make sure they clean their teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly. Generally, they see the dentist once every six months to keep on top of things and they haven’t had any problems. I guess in some ways they have been lucky because accidents always happen with kids and it’s so easy for them to hurt their mouths. Our friends’ child fell over not long ago and chipped her tooth, bless her. She had to have an emergency dental appointment to fix it, although our friends said CareDash made finding an emergency dentist easy. Anyway, this time one of my children did need some extra attention. The recommendation of the dentist was to give a little nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to make it easy for her. After thinking about it, I decided it was ok. I also decided to go with my wife and child.

Sitting in the waiting room, I reflected on the experience my patients have. My child chose me to go in with her, “since you are a doctor, daddy, and mommy might get scared.” I sat silently in the corner while the dentist did her work.

I thought she was fabulous, and had a great way with patients. I thanked her very much and followed the post op instructions. The office called later to check on how we were doing. It was very professional.

I’m glad that most places are providing a professional and caring experience to their patients; one of my friends visited a Fort Wayne Dentist and couldn’t praise them highly enough. It’s fantastic to see that people are being treated as they should be.

Although at Yager Esthetics I have always been careful to insure a great patient experience, it was nice to see the whole process from the other side for once. I am more convinced than ever that we provide one of the finest Plastic Surgery experiences anywhere. I will remember that day at the dentist, and remain mindful of the parents and spouses who are waiting while I am in surgery.