Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is upon us again at Yager Esthetics, and we are celebrating our employees. We will all get together for a holiday meal in the office, with everyone bringing a special dish from their family. It is a great way to share culture and bond even more.

This is the first year we are doing a meal for Thanksgiving, as it is so appropriate to do so. I have a very successful Plastic Surgery practice in New York because of not only my abilities in the operating room, but the experience the whole Yager Esthetics team provides to each patient.

I am grateful to the vision of my CEO in creating our 6000 sf center. The office appearance, the flow, the whole process would not have been possible without her support.

The admin girls, who answer the phones, make the appointments, run the schedule, and greet you with courtesy and professionalism. Thank you all for putting your hearts into your work and serving the Hispanic community as you do.

My nurses, who are incredibly dedicated and skilled, who help to care for you before and after the procedures, and do so much to provide clinical support to me so I have the time to treat each patient well.

My OR crew, who help me run the best and most efficient surgery facility I have ever seen. I have a tremendous energy level, and keeping up is not for the weak.
The housekeeping staff, thank you for making sure Yager Esthetics always looks in top form, and keeping everything safe and hygienic.

My estheticians, who make you feel great with massage and facials, and also offer the nonsurgical services to make you look better and keep you looking younger.

Lastly, thanks to all of my patients who continue to make serving Washington Heights an honor for me, and a responsibility I take very seriously. Without all of you, there is no Yager Esthetics.
Happy Thanksgiving, and I look forward to many more.