The Best Facelift Compliment I Have Ever Received

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I try very hard to make each patient happy with their result. I also try to make myself feel proud of the work I have done. In all cosmetic plastic surgery, but in facial surgery in particular, you must make sure to achieve a great result without it looking fake or overdone. I will share with you a favorite patient story. I love telling people this story as it makes me believe that what I am doing is truly helping people to continue feeling confident about themselves. It goes to show that you can’t beat the good old facelifts, even with the increasing interest in quick facelift which has also been known to give beneficial results. The main thing is that either method is continuing to help people’s self-confidence.

I had the pleasure of taking care of a lovely Cuban woman in her early sixties. She was happy in life, always smiling and vibrant. She wanted to have a facelift in order to look her best for her son’s wedding. It was to be 3 months later in Miami, and she had not seen him for nearly 10 years due to Castro. She told me about a friend of hers who went to visit her daughter in the UK and had a facelift in Birmingham, she said it inspired her to do the same for her son’s wedding.

I performed the operation, and healing was uneventful. We were both happy with the results, and off she went to Florida with the promise of returning with photos of the event. I eagerly awaited her return (and the reviews from her family).

She came to see me at Yager Esthetics 2 weeks after the event with the pictures in hand and a smile across her face. After listening to the story about the trip and the service and the family, I had to ask what her son thought.

She grinned, and told me that her son was so thrilled to see her. He hugged her, cried, stepped back and stared at her in amazement. He then said “Mom, you look the same as you did ten years ago. You just never change.”

A better compliment than that, I can not receive.