The Cost of “Free” Consults in Plastic Surgery

When I opened Yager Plastic Surgery in 1997, I did not charge a consult fee.  I wanted to grow my practice, and was sure that when a patient consulted with me, they would see the difference and value of proceeding with surgery.  As a community plastic surgeon in New York City serving the Hispanic community, I also wanted to make access to care affordable.

This strategy has worked well for me, as I have established Yager Esthetics as the premier location for Hispanic plastic surgery serving the northeast.  The only thing I do not like is the “no-show” patient.  This is the patient who makes an appointment, confirms, and does not show up or call to cancel.  It is incredibly rude and unfair to my practice.

Some of these patients feel that since it is a free consult, there is no loss if they fail to show up.  What they do not understand is that my rent, employee salaries, insurance, office expenses, and my time are all lost and cannot be replaced.  It is impossible for me to fill that time slot after the time has passed.  Furthermore, I have a waiting list for appointments, and those patients will miss the opportunity to be seen.

I urge you to take advantage of a free consult to see our center and meet me.  It is an incredible free gift that gives you the benefit of my 15 years of private practice plastic surgery experience at no cost.  All I ask is that you respect my time and show up.  If you cannot come, just call 24 hours in advance and we will be happy to reschedule.