The Dangers of Silicone Injections

By now, most people are aware that silicone injected into your body is not the safest option. The illegal practitioners working out of apartments and the back room s of spas and salons know enough to lie to the public and say it is Botox, or collagen or Biopolymer.

The danger not only comes from the people that you hear about on the news using silicone from Home Depot to plump up peoples buttocks, but from medical grade silicone as well. But WHY is silicone so bad to use in your body?

There is only one type of silicone that is FDA approved as safe to use in the US, and it is for an eye disorder. There are a very few doctors in the US who use silicone for cosmetics, but only in tiny microdroplet amounts in the face. The body can tolerate tiny amounts of medical grade silicone carefully placed, but this is not what is being done.

Large volume silicone is poorly tolerated in liquid forms, and serious complications can occur even years later. Pockets of infection, lumps, migration of the material to other areas, discoloration of the skin, redness and swelling that come and go for years, and chronic pain are not infrequent. But why do people continue to have these silicone injections?

In most people, problems do not occur, especially right away. By the time they notice the error, they have already sent dozens of friends for the treatment. The big danger is that the problems that do occur are sometimes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to correct. Sometimes these problems can open you up to a life of chronic pain and leave you looking for painkillers, therapies and other pain relievers much like “CBD olie kopen” (remedies from the Netherlands) to help you find relief in your daily life.

My advice is to be smart, and only have a licensed doctor inject you with anything. Make sure you see the bottle or syringe, so you are sure of what it is, and the location is clean and professional. You only get one face and body, so protect it.