The Debate and Plastic Surgery

Everyone has been getting all excited about the presidential debates this month. Each side is trying to sound better, inspire confidence, which are good things. Unfortunately, they also bend the truth to fit their agendas, and try to make the other side look bad instead of presenting the positive side of themselves.

It struck me that this is similar to the Plastic Surgery community in New York. When patients go on consults, the doctor should be trying to highlight the positives of his practice. Things like being Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the number of years in practice, how many cases similar to yours he has done this year and overall, using Board Certified anesthesiologists and Accredited Surgery Centers. Showing Before and After pictures of his work and educating you on the risks and benefits of the proposed procedures let you know that he has your best interests at heart. That is how we treat patients at Yager Esthetics.

There are other centers, however, that take the negative side. Just like in the debates, I wish there was a Truth Squad to let patients know when they are being misled. Most doctors in cosmetic surgery who are not plastic surgeons will not tell you things that make them look bad. Nobody will say “I am not a Plastic Surgeon” or “I have never done that procedure before.” You have to be a good moderator and ask the right questions.

Please ask the following- Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
​​​How long have you been in private practice?
​​​Will you or someone else be performing my surgery?
​​​Will it be done in an Accredited facility?
​​​Will a Board Certified Anesthesiologist be giving my Anesthesia?
​​​How many of my procedure have you done THIS year?
​​​What are the risks and alternatives?
​​​What results can I expect?
​​​Can I see at least 3 before and after pictures that you have done?

If a doctor is bad mouthing another doctor, or you get an uneasy feeling, run away. About this there should be no debate.