The Good and the Bad of the Internet for Plastic Surgery

The Good and the Bad of the Internet for Plastic SurgeryWith the explosion of internet technology over the past 20 years, information is readily available to anyone with access by computer or smart phone.  The problem is, you need to ask the right questions, and know how to filter out the misinformation that can be out there.

More and more patients each year seem to find me through Google or other internet searches.  These people are generally well educated, and come prepared with questions based on their research.  It is always a pleasure to help educate people about Plastic Surgery.

Many patients come with some information that is incomplete, or misleading, or sometimes plain false.  This is where you need to be careful to dispel any myths and misconceptions that may be being put forth in chat rooms, forums, and unscrupulous websites.

So how do you sort out the good from the bad on the internet?  Find an expert credible source who can answer those questions without bias.  Below, you will find a few recommendations as to how.

  1. Go to, the ASPS website which is maintained by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  It has many great resources, including educational and referral services.
  2.  Visit a Plastic Surgeon who is Board Certified by the ABPS.  Bring your questions written down so you do not forget, and he/she should be able to answer them easily.

I am always happy to spend the time with patients necessary to answer all questions.  I try to give the most accurate, honest, up-to-date information available so my patients have what they need to make a smart decision.  Do not be fooled by hype, insist on facts.  If something doesn’t sound right, or you do not feel comfortable in an office, run away.  Your gut instincts are usually correct.