The Modified Abdominoplasty at Yager Esthetics

There are no Plastic surgeons I am aware of who do as many Tummy Tucks as I do. I have done as many as 200 in a single year. I have done in excess of 1500 Abdominoplasties in my private practice. These have all been what are known as Full Abdominoplasties, where the muscles are tightened from the ribs all the way down, and the belly button is inset in a new opening. Until last year, I had only done 2 Modified Abdominoplasties.

A Modified Abdominoplasty leaves the belly button attached to the skin, and moves it lower down where it is reattached under the skin, so no scar exists around it. It is for when the muscle needs to be tightened and there is a minimal amount of loose skin. Very few patients were good candidates.

Where I have used it three times this year is in patients who have had Tummy Tucks done before, and the problem is a high scar or inadequate muscle tightening. As long as the belly button is not too low, it has been perfect.

That is the beauty of doing so many of these procedures. You can take a procedure which was created for a very few special cases and use it as a reconstructive salvage operation with fantastic improvements possible.