The Sun and Plastic Surgery

There are many rumors about the sun and plastic surgery, so I thought that the summer would be the best time to let Yager Esthetics patients know what the truth as I know it is on the topic.

The sun is very important for your body to effectively absorb and utilize vitamin D.  This is especially important to darker skinned patients, as the color in the skin makes it harder for the sun to penetrate and convert the vitamin d into a useful form.  I highly recommend having your doctor check your level to see if you need to take supplements for this vitamin.

I also tell my patients to be very careful about the sun if they have had recent cosmetic surgery, as many of these procedures can temporarily decrease sensation in your skin.  Because of this, skin can burn without you feeling it.  Remember to use sunblock and check the areas frequently.

Another important fact is that scars do not tan.  Because of this, if you had a facelift, the scar can become more noticeable as the skin around it darkens while it stays white.

The sun will age your skin, can make dark spots worse, accentuate wrinkles, and pave the way for skin cancer in the future, so be smart.  Make sure to use and reapply sun screen if you must be outdoors, hydrate well, and do it in moderation.  A tan may look healthy, but it is really a sign of skin damage.

We hope you are careful of the sun this summer, and that you stop in to see our estheticians so they can help repair the fun in the sun damage to your skin when it ends.