Timing of Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Timing of Plastic Surgery After PregnancyOne of the major reasons that patients come to Yager Esthetics is to repair the damage done to the body by pregnancy. Stretch marks, hanging skin, loose muscles, loss of a waist and curves, sagging breasts, loss of breast size, and a change in body shape due to fat redistribution are among the most common complaints. While all of these can usually be fixed, it is important to know WHEN is the right time after giving birth.

There are many factors to consider, including breast feeding, if you are planning another child, if you had a c-section, and if weight loss is needed. Each factor goes into my decision making process, and each patient is different. Even child care needs have to be arranged prior to surgery.

For an uncomplicated pregnancy, vaginal delivery, no breast feeding, and a weight no more than 20 lbs over the patient’s goal with good child care plans and no future children desired, liposuction and fat transfers need to wait 3 months for the hormonal levels to regulate, as it can affect fat metabolism. For a breast surgery, you must wait at least a month after milk stops being able to be expressed. For a tummy tuck, 3 months is safest.

After a c-section, assuming no infections, the above listed times still are a good guideline. If you are breast feeding, and want a breast surgery, you need to stop and wait a month after milk is expressible. For nonbreast surgery, you need to either stop, or if you want to continue, you must pump and store milk prior to last 2 weeks, as the milk that comes out after surgery will have medications from surgery and pain control, and is not safe to give to a baby.

It is always best to be as close to your ideal weight as possible prior to surgery, with a max of 20 lbs over. If you lose significant weight after surgery, a tummy tuck might not be as tight, breasts may lose volume, as well as the buttocks.

If you want more children, it is sometimes smart to wait until after the last for a tummy tuck or breast surgery, as these are the spots that change the most. It is not harmful to you or your baby to be pregnant after a tummy tuck or breast surgery, but you may experience a cosmetic change. Liposuction is certainly safe and easy as well.

Hopefully this helps. There is a way to get back your pre-baby body!