Twitter and Plastic Surgery

For the last 2 years, I have been tweeting nearly every day from @DrJYager. Being new to the format, it took a while to figure out what the people want. Is it tips on skin care and anti-aging? Is it the latest new technologies and procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery? Is it special offers or events new from Yager Esthetics? I tried them all.

What I have found in my recent survey is that people just want to learn a little something about me, their potential plastic surgeon. What I like to do, what my interests are, what else I do when I am not in the office. Getting a feel for my personality seems to be what the patients like best.

I have tweeted about my musical group, music I enjoy, and concerts I have seen. I have tweeted about the weather, Latin cultural events, and movies I have recently enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy). I have let people know about restaurants and foods that I enjoy, and have told a few jokes along the way.

I do also mention important events in the office, television interviews and magazine articles when they come out, and sometimes share new products and services we offer at Yager Esthetics.

So follow me on twitter @DrJYager, and get to know your plastic surgeon a little bit better. New friends are always welcome.