Uptown Fashion Week

I was very pleased to be able to support and participate in Uptown Fashion week this past week. The idea behind it was to, in conjunction with the well known Fashion Week downtown, raise awareness of the quality and talent available in Northern Manhattan.

As a very well educated and supremely well trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I had my choice of locations to set up practice. I chose Washington Heights because I saw a need for a higher quality choice for cosmetic surgery located in the Hispanic community, and I felt the opportunity was there to show that this community would support my investment. Starting my 17th year of private practice in Yager Esthetics, I take great pride in the accomplishments we have made to date.

The second part of Uptown Fashion week was to raise awareness of domestic violence. Unfortunately, this is a big problem still in many places. As a plastic surgeon, I have dealt with not only the physical reconstruction of battered women, but the self esteem and body image problems created by verbally and emotionally abusive partners. We have always, and continue to support the crusade to end this barbaric abuse.
Seeing the designers, models, and community leaders gather to support this cause only enhances my belief in the uptown Hispanic community in which I have worked for more than 25 years. Let’s make Northern Manhattan the envy of downtown.