Valentine’s Day and Plastic Surgery

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a holiday in which you are supposed to proclaim your affections for that special someone.  Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and romantic meals are on the agenda.  So where does plastic surgery fit in?

Even though I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, it would be hard for me to recommend the gift of cosmetic surgery to your loved one, especially if they never expressed an interest.  “Here you are, honey, I am paying for breast implants for your Valentine’s Day gift!”  She thinks, “Don’t you love me the way I am?  Maybe this is a gift for you!”

“To my husband on Valentine’s Day, the gift of liposuction of your fat belly and love handles!”  Romantic, or insulting?  You really have to be careful

My advice is to make that person feel special and loved every day, so that Valentine’s Day is essentially every day.