Victim of my own Success

When I decided to serve the Hispanic community after my training in Plastic Surgery, I opened up Yager Plastic Surgery in 1997.  I had no business plan or experience, no training in HR or administration, and plenty of school debt.  All that I knew was that I was a good plastic surgeon who could serve a need for Spanish speaking patients in Washington Heights, New York.

As I became more popular, I have expanded the office twice, and rebranded as Yager Esthetics to encompass all of the nonsurgical treatments and spa services we offer.  Fast forward to starting year 20, and I have become busy to the point that there is a wait for surgery and appointments, despite the massive staff I have assembled to keep up with demand.

The good news is that due to my experience, I am able to deliver the highest quality surgical results to more people.  The bad news is that I cannot see everyone at every visit for as long as they might like.  I love my patients, and enjoy talking with them, but have to strike a balance to serve the community as a whole.

This does not mean that I miss anything, or give less care.  I see everything on everyone and ensure the best possible care medically as always.  It is the social part that suffers for some.  This is such a hard balance to strike, and I am still working on it.

Please know that I always give my all, and think that surgically, I have never been better.  I want to make it so people do not have to wait long to see me, but there are only so many hours in a day.  If you need more from me, please tell me.  I am still here for you.  It has never been about the money, only the opportunity to help the Hispanic community.