What Goes Into a Plastic Surgery

Although I am more than fair in how I price cosmetic Plastic Surgery, it is not without cost. Some patients who have not had surgery in the United States are curious as to why it costs more here. I am happy to explain.

When you get a fee at Yager Esthetics, the cost includes not only the Surgeon’s fee, but the Operating Room fee, Recovery Room fee, Anesthesiologists fee, girdle and or bra, a post op massage treatment, and all of the visits before and after, reviewing and following up on your testing and doing any paperwork for your job, taking and storing photographs and securing your medical record. All the support staff who help with your appointments, the nurses who assist in your care, and all of the supplies, implants and medications necessary need to be accounted for.

On top of this, as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I must only operate in an accredited facility (we are AAAASF) which requires inspection fees, safety equipment and training at a high cost. I must maintain malpractice coverage, liability insurance, long-term disability insurance, employee insurance. To maintain certification, I must do 150 cme credits every cycle and stay current. If I go on vacation, I need someone to cover my patients, and this costs a lot of money.

Using the safest Board Certified Anesthesiologists is pricey, I use the best brand (in my opinion) implants around, and the rent I pay coupled with the huge price tag for building out our facility is obscene. All in, I keep about 20% of what you pay, and take all of the risk .

Come to think of it, I deserve a raise!