What is an Aesthetic Nurse?

Aesthetic nursing is a relatively new field. As nurses become more well trained, they can seek additional certifications that enable them to do more procedures, but under the supervision of a physician.

A well-qualified nurse is an asset to any medical institution and any extra qualifications can be used to negotiate a higher salary if these skills can benefit the business. To learn more about nursing salaries, take a look at this guide from Regis College.

At Yager Esthetics, I have had aesthetic nurses only in the last 4 years.

I have spent the last 18 plus years building a reputation of excellence and safety in the Hispanic community, and would never do anything counter to that. I find that my aesthetic nurses can do exceptional work in the areas in which they are trained.

We have nurses doing spider vein injections, or sclerotherapy. We are careful to only treat those that are safe and we can help. Our advanced product, Asclera, is the safest I know of on the market today.

My aesthetic nurse also does injectable fillers and Botox. I made sure to train only someone with great cosmetic vision and an understanding of how to achieve safe, natural, and excellent results. This allows my patients more flexible scheduling to have treatments done. Virtually no patients can tell a difference between our results, and the nurse injector is less expensive.

An aesthetic nurse can be your best advisor, and will let you know when surgery is needed, or if less invasive treatments can help. Ask about our aesthetic nurse, and enjoy a free consult with her. You can’t say it isn’t worth it!