What is Different about Hispanic Plastic Surgery?

Although it may be politically incorrect to say, all people are not created equal- not in appearance, cultural beauty ideals, or desires. Because of this, each woman who wants a breast augmentation has more than one choice of implant type, size, shape, texture, and insertion technique. But are Hispanic women different? In my experience of having consulted on over 23,000 of them, I would have to say they are, and are proud of it.
Although the term Hispanic or Latin encompasses a very wide group of people of varying countries, colors, and body types, I can make some broad distinctions that apply to the majority. Some are physical, some genetic, and some cultural.

Hispanic skin is certainly different, and responds to surgery and inflammation in a manner unlike Caucasian or African-American skin. If you are not very white or very black, the body’s response to surgery is much more unpredictable, and conditions like PIH (a darkening of the skin after inflammation) and abnormal scarring can occur. Knowing how to inform the patients of this, and having techniques available to reduce the risk, as well as treat the result, is something only a large experience with Hispanic patients can teach.
The Latin beauty ideal is also different. A fuller hip and buttocks is almost a universal Hispanic desire, as well as noticeable curves. Some countries like a fuller breast, some a smaller firm breast. You must speak to each patient to understand individual desires.
Hispanic music and fashion also play a role, as wearing form fitting clothing does not allow for bulges or “chichos”. Dancing requires contact with the waist and back, so the firmer and flatter the better. Women cannot always get away with a girdle.
It is your right to know the experience of your plastic surgeon, so ask. What percentage of his/her patients are Hispanic, make sure he/she speaks your language so you can communicate directly, and make sure the staff and patients look like you!