When Looking for a Plastic Surgeon, Look at the Staff

When I started Yager Plastic Surgery in 1997, I only had one employee.  She was dynamic, dedicated, and cared about the patients more than herself.  Through her help, we became Yager Esthetics and now employ over 20 Hispanic women.  She is still with me, and insures that each employee represents the same standards of professionalism and caring that she set as the bar 15 years ago.

Your experience with your plastic surgeon begins with a phone call or email inquiry to the office.  How these are handled says a lot about the way the doctor runs his practice.  Is the phone answered promptly, are they polite, are you put on hold for a long time, can they answer your questions competently, is your email promptly answered?  These factors let you know that the doctor cares about your experience from day one, and may indicate a high level of attention to detail which is what you want in an esthetic plastic surgeon.

When you arrive at the office, are you greeted warmly and made to feel welcome?  Does the space look clean and inviting, and are you seen at or near your appointment time?  A well run office will be a smooth operation, and should let you know in advance if there is an emergency or any change in the doctors schedule.

Does the patient coordinator seem organized, knowledgeable,   and helpful, or is she trying to sell you surgery?  Do not fall for pushy tactics or anything that seems too aggressive.  Does she follow up appropriately, or does she hound you to try and close the sale?

I know that I am proud of my staff, and stand behind them 100%.  While no one is perfect, I believe they all care and try their best.  I accept nothing less from them or myself.