Where You Came From is Not Important

Let me start by saying that the vast majority of my patients at Yager Esthetics are a delight. I love what I do, I enjoy seeing peoples’ dreams realized, and helping to better lives. A happy, grateful patient is a wonderful thing.

On some occasions, however, a great result is not always appreciated. I can have a woman with three rolls of cascading abdomen and too many stretch marks to count, as round as a globe, who I have transformed into a curvy human being who can now wear a belt and look good, complain that “my friends say my waist should be narrower.” Really?

After insuring that this is not a joke, I proceed to open the computer images and show the impossibly amazing transformation in before and after images. Surely anyone would recant their complaint and say “Wow, I forgot what I looked like before. I can see how much you helped me.”

Many times, this happens. Sometimes, though, I hear “ What I looked like before is not important.” That is what destroys me. How is it not important? When the Pope was in New York, I thought he would come by to Saint me, as I have performed so many miracles here that I surely would qualify!

My advice is that you really look at yourself before a surgery, realize what is possible, and appreciate the amazing changes. If you want me to keep doing what I do, be realistic and remember where you came from.