Why are Hispanic Noses Different?

While I believe that all people are created equally, the anatomic differences among the races cannot be ignored.  As a plastic surgeon who specializes in Hispanic beauty, I am keenly aware of the unique challenges that these variables create.

I have seen very poor results in rhinoplasty of the latin patient done by very competent board certified plastic surgeons.  Why?  Because they do the same surgery they are used to doing in the Caucasian population.  This does not always work for my patients.

Let me qualify this discussion by stating that the Hispanic population is tremendously diverse, from the lightest thinnest skin to the darkest and thickest.  My observations are generalities, and each patient needs an individual analysis by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Hispanic noses.  Below you will find my most important tips for success.

  1. The nose has to match the face.  You can have a perfect nose, but if it does not match the face in both size and ethnic features, it will look strange.  Make sure your doctor has computer imaging to show you how the nose you like will look on your face.  At Yager Esthetics, we do this for every nasal consult.
  2. It is better to do too little than too much.  Obviously, I try to do the perfect amount every time, and my revision rate for rhinoplasty is 5%.  Once you have an overoperated nose, especially if the nostrils are too narrow, it is nearly impossible to restore a natural appearance. 
  3.  Internal support is essential for breathing.  If you remove too much structure in an attempt to get a smaller nose, it usually fails due to skin thickness.  Once support is gone, you risk a nose that cannot breathe.

Good luck in your quest to improve your appearance.  We look forward to seeing you  and offering a safe and beautiful solution.