Why Plastic Surgery in the Hispanic Community?

While I have written before about why I opened my private practice in the Hispanic Community, I have never explained why I feel it is a specialty unlike other plastic surgery offices. After 25 years in Washington Heights, now in my 17th year at Yager Esthetics, I truly feel like a part of my neighborhood.
While everyone is created equal, my patients are special. They are looking for a certain shape, and looking for a doctor- patient relationship that is in many cases different. This is what I love about what I do.

My patients treat me like a part of the family, happy to see me, and proud to tell their friends about me. They will bring friends personally to the office, and sit with them in consults. Some even cook for me! They return the warmth that I give them tenfold.
My patients want to be curvy, and are not shy about it. They bring photos of not only celebrities, but of friends and family who have the shape they want. Some even bring people with them for me to see.

I continue to work very hard, dedicating myself to the Latin Community of NYC, and always strive to make sure Yager Esthetics offers the safest and highest quality care possible. I love my patients, and am grateful for the opportunity to serve them.