Why Read A Plastic Surgery Blog?

Every week for over a year now, I spend the time to write a blog on a topic I think will appeal to my patients, and to people in general.  I often wonder how many people actually read it, and if it is indeed worthwhile to do so. 

I try not to use my blogs as a simple commercial to sell my goods and services to people.  It is not an ad, it is an educational tool.  Sometimes it is a release for my creative energy, or a chance to share some light humor.  Sometimes, even I do not know where the thoughts come from, it just happens. But why should you, or anyone, read my plastic surgery blog?

I feel that at Yager Esthetics, we are more than a plastic surgery practice.  We are a center for education regarding not just plastic surgery, but nonsurgical treatments and skin care as well.  We have a strong commitment to the Hispanic community, and concentrate and specialize our techniques for our patients.  The blog is a free and informative tool to learn about plastic surgery, music, and life.  It also gives you a little taste of my personality, which can help you decide if it is worth your time to visit me in Washington Heights.

So, why read a plastic surgery blog?  It is fun, educational, and might just help you in ways you never expected.