World’s Best Plastic Surgeon

I am not the World’s Best Plastic Surgeon. In fact, if I even made that claim, I would be in jeopardy of losing my status as Board Certified. But what are the qualities that make for great Plastic Surgeons, specifically Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons?

Ability is obviously important. You must be technically gifted to perform the procedures properly, and with appropriate education and training, most Plastic Surgeons are. The surgeries are not that difficult in concept, and can be mastered.

Judgment and an esthetic eye are not as common, and cannot really be taught. You see some surgeons at esthetic conferences feverishly writing notes, and asking for formulas or exact steps in a hope to recreate what they see. These doctors are usually not blessed with the talent for cosmetics.

The ability to connect with the patient and communicate well is also tricky. You can be the smartest and most talented plastic surgeon, but if you can’t convey that to a patient, no one will trust you to perform a procedure. Be honest and educational, and make the patient comfortable. It has to be a match on both sides.

Knowing who NOT to operate on is to me the most difficult. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and my first instinct is to help. I do not like to think that people have bad intentions, and have been burned a few times.

While I may not be the World’s Best Plastic Surgeon, I certainly try my hardest to deliver for each patient. Judging by the number of surgeries I do each year, it’s good enough for nearly all.