Writing Music and Plastic Surgery

After an embarrassingly long time away from writing and playing music, I recently formed a new band in all the free time I do not have.  I used to play the drums, sing, and write original music.  I was never great, but it was such a fun experience being a part of the creative process.

While I perform surgery, there is always music on in the background.  As each year I am busier, I spend more time in surgery.  More time in the operating room means more time to listen to music.  Listening to more music makes me think of playing and writing music, and here I am again back in a band.

What does this have to do with you, the prospective plastic surgery patient?  Surprisingly, quite a bit.  When listening to and writing music, my creative energies spike.  This has lead to even more artistic results, and an improved surgical process.  Every movement, suture, incision is like a symphony, and each patient an obra maestra. 

Some day soon I will share some of my music with you.  Just like new technology, products, or procedures, I do not offer them to my patients until I am sure of the quality and benefit.  Maybe you will hear it when you come to our operating room.