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Breast Reduction with Augmentation

Duration: 2 hours

Recovery Time: 2 weeks before resuming most activities

Notes & Considerations:

  • Costs more than a traditional Breast Reduction.
  • Additional risks of having breast implants apply, such as leakage and hardening
  • Surgery requires experience and careful planning


Breast reductions have been around for 100 years and have been a miracle for women suffering from back and neck pain, not to mention negative body and self-esteem issues. While a breast lift is always part of this procedure, women of today are typically looking for more.

One of the limitations of a traditional breast lift and/or reduction is the lack of youthful fullness in the upper part of the breast. Ironically, many patients with large and heavy breasts want to remove the extra weight of their natural breasts, but achieve the round, perky look of someone who has had breast implants. This trend inspired Dr. Yager to create the BR-A.

By adding an implant to a slightly bigger reduction, this procedure offers the same volume in a different distribution, giving the size patients want with a fuller, more lifted-appearing result.
Come in for a consultation with Dr. Yager to see if the BR-A is right for you.

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