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5.0 stars

Dr. Yager is the best at what he does!!! Very professional, informative and talented. He has years of experience and takes great pride in his work. I’m truly a satisfied customer. I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I ever needed any future work. I recommend him to anyone women and men. Give yourself a chance with his fabulous work and end results. Call his office and schedule your first appointment. Talk to him about your wants, needs and fears. Dr. Yager will clearly clarify everything in English or Spanish. I’m truly grateful to him and his staff for everything. I’m so pleased and happy with my end results. May God continue blessing his talent and hands. Thanks Dr. Yager and Staff… *


by Sol Mayra (Facebook)


5.0 stars

This letter is to commend you, your staff and specially Pearl, your wonderful nurse. I did my research for over 2 years before I decided to make my decision to proceed with this surgical procedure. I have been treated with nothing but genuine kindness and professionalism and I feel that this was one of the best decisions I made in a very long time. I will gladly refer who I can to you as I will speak highly of your facility. Once again Dr. Yager, thank you for the great work that you and your staff have provided. *


by Yvette M.


5.0 stars

I was informally introduced to Dr. Yager through one of his patients. I saw her before and again after her procedures and was pleasantly astonished by the results. For the next year, I researched and interviewed a plethora of Plastic Surgeons in quest of the right one for me. My exhaustive search brought me right back to Dr. Yager. In April 2013, I booked my surgery date Wahoo!!! I was filled with excitement and fear………..

From the moment I scheduled my initial consult and through my 4 week of post –op to date, this practice has displayed a level of service excellence that eludes many other practices, today. I can equate the level of service here to that of the Ritz Carlton. From the front office staff, to the clinical staff and Lisa in the back (business office) everyone has been professional and for the most part considerate of my care. This compliment includes the ambulatory staff as well, everyone has beautiful smiles in this place!

I do not know everyone’s name I came in contact with, but a few are worth mentioning. Elizabeth is amazing and perfectly positioned for her role. Astri is a gem and has a gracious personality. Charlotte, is intelligent, caring and a very compassionate professional who I know was divinely appointed to be my nurse. Lisa’s smile and warm personality made it easier to conduct the monetary transactions related to my procedure. Ileana has a great big radiant smile that can make you temporarily forget about your discomfort.

I have to also thank one of Dr. Yager’s patients who I befriended in the waiting room one day. Because of this friendly person I was able to make it through the surgery and recovery. We exchanged contact information and because her surgery was 4 weeks before mine I was able to ask her a lot of questions. She was able to share her experiences, which in turn helped me prepare and deal with the recovery. So through this experience I have a new tone and tight abdomen and met a new friend, how awesome is that!

I am looking forward to meeting the aesthetic staff for my first massage. I can only imagine they continue the culture of this practice in their care, skills and professionalism.

Last but not least Dr. Yager, thank you for being thorough, skilled professional and having a warm, albeit quiet bedside mannerism. The service I received exceeded the cost of my procedure; therefore, I am so looking forward to my next procedure in 2014. *


by Melanie G.


5.0 stars

I would like to express my deep gratitude to you Dr. Yager and your wonderful team for the dedicated care I received during my recent surgery. The consistent attention to detail from the first appointment to surgery date through my post op appointments have been above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Dr. Yager for answering every question and addressing my concerns along the way. and most importantly, for explaining the procedure step by step and actually making it happen. I am extremely pleased at the natural looking results already at four weeks. Your talent and attention to detail is seen every time I look in the mirror and with every compliment I receive. Thank for restoring what had been missing after two c-sections and two children – my confidence. *


Alexa M.


5.0 stars

Thank you so much for your hard-work and dedication. You a your staff have truly made me feel comfortable throughout this life changing experience! I’m loving my new body!! *


by Suzan


5.0 stars

I usually never write reviews, but I am so pleased with my results that I felt obligated to do so. I originally went to a very reputable dermatologist to see if he could lighten the melasma I got after my pregnancy as well as dark spot in my back. He tried different creams like Elure, Lumixyl, Hydroquinone, Retinol, chemicals peels and nothing work on my skin, then he recommended that I should try Obagi treatment and he refers me to Dr. Jeffrey Yager. Dr. Yager is very competent, professional and he takes the time to explain any treatment he recommends and answer all questions a patient may have. His staff is wonderful and I highly recommend Maria Cespedes who is one of his Esthetician, she did an excellent job she is very gentle with the treatment and procedures, knowledgeable, personable and I am very pleased with the results. Since I started using Obagi Nu-derm plus a package of 6 Silk Peel 95% of my melasma from my face has disappeared as well as the dark spot on my back. I have a wonderful experience and recommend Dr. Yager and Maria Cespedes to anyone who is looking visible results for melasma. *


by Belkys P.,


5.0 stars

Dr. Yager’s professionalism is indescribable! His staff is superb and his clinic is by far the cleanest place I’ve been to! I had my first child about 4 months ago and I tried really hard to get my figure back. I tried everything from the gym to eating healthy, but nothing worked. Getting a tummy tuck was my last option and I can say I do not regret it at all! During my consultation, Dr. Yager determined my problem was purely fat so it would be easy to remove. However, I did not want any scars and he told me he would make a bikini line incision so it will not be noticeable. On the day of the procedure, I was reassured everything will go smoothly and I was thankful it did. The whole procedure took about 1.5 hours to finish and afterwords, I did not feel too much discomfort. I cannot wait to remove the girdle and see my new figure! *


by Stacy B.


5.0 stars

Dr. Yager knows what he is doing! Dr. Yager has one of the cleanest offices I had ever been to. The staff was all very helpful in informing me of the different procedures Dr. Yager offers. However, I came in for only one procedure and that was a tummy tuck. Every other flaw could be covered with makeup but not fat. I accumulated 30 pounds and very loose skin after having my last child. I was quite determined to look like I never had a child and I knew Dr. Yager would be the one to help me. During my initial consultation with him, Dr. Yager told me that my situation was not as bad as I make it out to be and that he could easily help me remove the unwanted fat and excess skin. When it was time for my procedure, I felt really relaxed and confident that I would look fabulous after I left the table. It has been about a month since my procedure and let me say this, I look better than I imagined myself to look! *


by Tracy D.


5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Yager: Thank you for the wonderful care you took of me. I appreciate your experience and kind words. *


by John L.


5.0 stars

With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to you. You are all awesome professionals. I appreciate the care and your kindness. *


by Mary L.


5.0 stars

Dr. Yager took his time to make me understand EVERYTHING! And he not only made me feel comfortable, he made my husband comfortable…and that’s big! I am happy to have put my life in his hands. *


by S.L.,


5.0 stars

I always knew I wanted bigger breasts, but after breast feeding my two children, my wants became more of a need. My breasts had completely lost volume and I didn’t feel as attractive….so I got the implants! I am more than thrilled with the whole experience, and my doctor was absolutely fantastic!! *


by K.,


5.0 stars

I would like to thank the staff at Yager Esthetics | Estética™. There has not been a person that I have been in contact with (so far Lissa, Denise & Glenny) that has not made me feel comfortable and confident that my surgery scheduled on November 8 will go great. Dr. Yager, you and your staff are marvelous and I can’t wait til the 8th. Have a great day to ALL! *


by N.O.


5.0 stars

Dr. Yager compassion and understanding is one of his greatest attributes. He takes the time to listen to what the patient is saying and does everything he needs to do to make you feel comfortable. I had surgery twice with Dr. Yager, and I am very happy with my decision to have him as my physician. Even when I wasn’t fully satisfied with a particular procedure, (not through fault of his own) he made it his business to make sure that I was completely happy and did everything in his power to fix the problem. And for that I am grateful to him. I will continue to use him as my doctor, and recommend him to anyone who asks. *


by Cynthia G.


5.0 stars

Im a 40 year old mother of three and after three children my body was of great concern for me. Although my husband never made me feel bad I knew that surgery would be the only way to get my self esteem up. After visiting several doctors in the NYC area I visited Dr. Yager and I can only say that it was an instant no brainer that he would be the only doctor that I would allow to perform my surgery. He understood my concerns and clarified any doubts and questions that I had. His staff must be handpicked because they are the most professional, understanding, and caring group of staff members that I have ever encountered. I proceeded with my surgery and its been five months since, and I must say it has been a transformation. I went away on our annual family vacation in July and I wore a two piece bikini, yes a two piece bikini and white for that matter! I love my new body and so does my husband! I thank Doctor Yager, for the great job that he did for me! I have recommended him to everyone that asks me and I will continue to recommend Dr.Yager for me he is the best doctor!!! *


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5.0 stars

For many years I always wanted to have beautiful big size breast… I thought that the day I had a child they would grow bigger, and unfortunately that didn’t happen. Instead my breasts became uneven in size due to breast feeding. I met a friend who had her breasts done with Dr. Yager and told me about him. I visited so many different plastic surgeons throughout the city and no one made me feel so comfortable and gave me that honest opinion of the best way of helping me with my situation until I met Dr. Yager. My breast are now beautiful, even in size, and now I can wear sexy tops, blouses, dresses that make me fell so feminine and sexy. After my augmentation all my friends have in mind my experience and they have seen my wonderful results, thanks to Dr. Yager. I feel like a new person and so much younger. Thanks, Dr. Yager. I know I made the best choice of choosing him for my new look. The best part is that the staff is so friendly and they care so much for every patient with a bright smile and warm welcome. I’m very happy. Thanks. *


by Leydis R.


5.0 stars

I just had a consult today and am very impressed with the Dr. Yager, his staff, the cleanliness of his clinic and the quality of time I spent there. All of my questions and concerns were addressed and I plan to have Dr. Yager perform 3 procedures! I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Yager’s clinic! A+ *


by Marysol R.


5.0 stars
I had my tummy done by Dr Yager in 2004. I just had a baby and I’m going right back to HIM!!! I’ve read every1’s review on this man!!! They are not lying!!! When You walk into his office the Staff alone ROCKS!!! His office is soooooooo clean he must have a cleaning person there throughout the day!!! lol I would cross the country to find this man!!! I swear you would just love him and his team, his work and pricing!!! Theres nothing in the world, like spend your hard earn cash with ppl you love!!! *


Anonymous Review from


5.0 stars

Great doc. Very professional, very caring, considerate pricing! Must go see it for ur self *

by Linda



5.0 stars

I had breast augmentation done five months ago by Dr. Yager and it was the best experience!!!!I had the surgery done and ten days later I was back to work without any pain or bruising, thanks to Dr. Yager’s expertise. I would recommend him to anyone for the best results. *


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5.0 stars

I’ve met a few plastic surgeons over the years. When I met Doctor Yager, I immediately felt safe with him. He listened, answered my questions. He showed me before and after shots. He office is spotless, the staff is great. After meeting him for the 1st time, I booked my tummy tuck surgery (something that I’ve been wanting to do for 10 years). Today is day 5 post op. and I feel great. Even with the swelling, I can see the dramatic results in my stomach. *


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5.0 stars

Not only is Dr. Yager amazing, talented, funny, calm, patient, and great…sois his staff. The girls that work with him are simply amazing. I had a tummy tuck and thigh lift with Dr. Yager and I felt 100% at home. The office is warm and comfortable. The women who work there offer a calm and welcoming environment. It is completely a judgment free zone and everyone is there to cater to your needs. Dr. Yager makes you look naturally beautiful… No fake tummys or boobs here… I look amazing and no one in a million years will know I’ve had plastic surgery. Dr. Yager knows what he’s doing and he may sometimes be quick with his assessment and recommendations but just know it has nothing to do with the attention and quality he’s giving you. He has many patients to attend to so its not personal and just the fact he has that many patients is testament to the wonderful work he does. Ask any question and he’ll make time to answer it. I love Dr. Yager and his staff and I can’t wait to get more surgery done in the future. *


by Krystal Palmers (Facebook)


5 5.0 stars

I have had two nice experience with Dr.Yager i had a breast and tummytuck surgery. I’m very satisfied with the doctor and the staff. The office is a very nice and clean environment, the operating room made me feel calm and safe. My recuperation was wonderful and the way i look even better. *


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5.0 stars

Since I was a teenager I’ve had breasts that I deemed too large for my 5 foot 3 frame, I was embarrassed, ashamed, and very self conscious about them. When I found the opportunity, I put myself in the hands of Dr. Yager who was very sensitive to way I felt about my breasts. He saw my unhappiness and suggested the size that would look best on my petite frame. The result was more than I expected, I went from a large D to a C cup, I was extremely happy, I felt 15 again. Thanks to Dr. Yager I no longer feel embarrassed nor ashamed of my breasts. I would continue to highly recommend him. *


by Angela A.


5.0 stars

It’s a wonderful feeling to look in the mirror and love what you see. Thank you Dr. Yager. *


by Lynette A.


5.0 stars

My experience with Dr. Yager and his staff has been an exceptional one. Dr. Yager patiently explained the procedures to me; answered all my questions and made me feel that he had all the time in the world for me. The staff was warm and welcoming at all visits. During a personal medical crisis, Dr. Yager and his staff helped me through with kindness and care. My procedures were completed efficiently and professionally right in the office. Follow up care was superb. Thank you Dr. Yager and staff for making my experience a pleasant and memorable one. *


by Bella D.


5.0 stars

Dr. Yager has helped give me back my youthful feminine confidence after having a family. He and his staff provide a warm caring environment that allows you to feel comfortable with your care. I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend Dr Yager if you are looking for a change you always dreamed of. *


by Lynn S.

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