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Face & Neck Lift

Duration: 45 to 120 mins

Recovery Time: 2 wks

Anesthesia: Monitored Sedation or General Anesthesia

Helpful Hints:

  • Bring a head scarf and dark glasses to cover up your bandages after surgery
  • Color your hair 48 hrs prior to surgery
  • Buy baby shampoo.

Commonly Combined with:

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Injectable Treatments
  • Skin Care


When a patient comes to our office for facial rejuvenation, or facelift surgery, it is important to first examine the changes that they are seeking. With time, your face ages in two ways- the skin gets older due to sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, and a loss of elasticity from repeated facial expressions, and gravity causes a drooping and relaxation of the tissues. Traditional facelift surgery is excellent for lifting the tissues of the cheek, jowls, and neck back to their natural position. It does not fix fine line wrinkles, discolorations, or the folds that form from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth (nasolabial folds). These problems can be addressed at the same time, utilizing topical medications, injections, and additional small procedures that I will discuss with you at your consult if you should require them. The forehead is often lifted at the same time using our advanced Endoscopic techniques, which are described in a different section. Another common procedure performed at the same time is chin enhancement, as a weak chin makes the neck look fuller.

The problem with most facelifts is that while they do lift and tighten your tissues, they often leave you with an unnatural, pulled appearance. Many patients have expressed their fear of this to us. Dr. Yager shares that fear. When he rejuvenates the face, it is important that Dr. Yager first knows exactly what changes are desirable to you. Some people only want a subtle lift of the cheek, where as others want a very tight jaw line and no nasolabial folds. Each person has a different anatomy and body image ideal, and therefore needs a distinct surgery. Dr. Yager possesses the ability to perform many different techniques of facial surgery, and each patient receives a custom tailored operation. The deeper tissues are elevated in a more vertical dimension, and he gently re-drapes the skin laterally to achieve an improvement that maintains and enhances your natural appearance. In some cases, only the cheek and jowl are elevated with the upper facelift or mini-lift. In other instances, only the neck is tightened, with a necklift. If these are more appropriate, Dr. Yager will explain them to you at your consult.

The procedure is best done with an anesthesiologist under monitored sedation. With this technique, you are a sleep as if in your own bed. It is essential that you not be smoking for at least 3 weeks prior to the procedure, as smoking and nicotine can greatly increase the risks of poor healing and scarring in this procedure. The facelift is often performed with eyelid, brow, and chin enhancement surgery. We will discuss all of these with you prior to your surgical date if Dr. Yager feels that they may enhance your result.

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